It’s the DAMNED DIVERSITY VISAS, Stupid! — an Essay I Wrote 16 Years Ago, Come True!

Diversity SUCKS!
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Diversity Visas go back to at least 1990, and were of course, largely the idea and stepchild of non other than Democrap Chuck The Schmuck Schumer!


Diversity visas also allow the Muslim scum that slither into our country to bring THOUSANDS OF OTHER MUSLIMS in a process called “chain migration.” That idiocy allows Muslims to import their entire America-hating family, too.

The homicidal Muslim (pardon the redundancy) who slaughtered people in NYC came here on a DIVERSITY VISA!

I FIRST WARNED ABOUT THESE VISAS 16 YEARS AGO — BUT OUR GOVERNMENT CONTINUED TO USE THEM. And that includes the Bushs, Clinton, Obama, and even Trump.



I penned this column in January 2002, while I was an opinion columnist for the Sonoran News, a conservative newspaper in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Although I wrote this nearly 16 years ago, it was a window into the future. I PREDICTED WHAT HAPPENED! Remember that as you read — that this was PREVENTABLE. I PREDICTED THE HORROR THAT IS OUR IMMIGRATION POLICY 16 YEARS AGO!

The four part column I wrote (over four weeks) follows. I’ve combined the four parts into one hard-hitting column for the website, unedited, that predicted the suicidal horror that is now America’s immigration policies.

And remember as you read that this was written immediately following the MUSLIM ATTACK on the World Trade Center.

The original column follows:

Immigration has destroyed America.

And if we allow it to continue, if we do not STOP ALL IMMIGRATION NOW, this country will cease to exist.

We will become just like Europe.

If you haven’t the stomach for reality and candor, read no further. Because in the course of the next four weeks you will read what few journalists would write and fewer newspapers print: the truth. Do not ask, “Where is the compassion?” It’s dead and buried — in the rubble of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in a Pennsylvania field.

Hani Hanjour. Ahmed Alnami. Mohamed Atta. Hamza Alghamdi. Nawaf Alhazmi. Salem Alhamzi. Khalid Almihdhar… Each a murderer. Each a terrorist. Each a barbarian. Each a member of the homicidal band of savages that slaughtered Americans. And each an immigrant! Not one, an American citizen. Americans didn’t attack America; foreigners did. Most of the assassins were legal immigrants, admitted by moronic immigration policies written by morons. At least 19 terrorists (that we know of) entered the country masquerading as businessmen, tourists and students, with visas issued by American consular offices. This hapless program is bringing us not the “cream of the crop” but a crop of the crap! Misfits. Criminals. Lunatics. And terrorists.

If we practiced a practical immigration policy instead of one based upon political correctness, the brutal acts perpetrated by Arab nationals might never have taken place. Fact is, a preoccupation with “immigrant rights” helped to kill 3,000 people. How many more must die before Congress gets its head out of its… uh… darkness? None of the terrorists, their accomplices, or acquaintances should have been in this country. NOT ONE! The tragedy should not have happened. Unfathomably liberal immigration policies allowed it to happen.

If, for instance, “Abdul” or “Mustafa” walked into a foreign consulate office and said, “I want to come to America but I hate Americans. I revere Usama bin Laden…” Would the consular officer (A) laugh at him (B) have him arrested or (C) be compelled by law to consider him for a visa and likely admission to the United States? “C” is correct.

The State Department sponsors a program it calls a “Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.” It’s actually a LOTTERY! They compiled a list of countries that includes every terrorist state in the world — with an entry quota for each, from which terrorists may come here by lottery to ply their trade. Oh, sure, supposedly there’s a criteria to be met and supposedly there’s a background check… but now back to reality because the “checks” didn’t weed out even one of the 19 executioners!

Some of the terrorist nations on the list and the number that can enter the U.S. from them are: Afghanistan: 208; Algeria: 1,163; Egypt: 2046; Iran: 1703; Iraq: 117; Libya: 26; Sudan: 1820; Syria: 67; Tunisia: 151; Yemen: 223… Each of these is a known terrorist nation — and we maintain a lottery “diversity” program for them? This lunacy was created during the Clinton era — when imbeciles appointed imbeciles to the State Department.

The State Department manual for consular officers (used to determine who can and cannot enter the country) contains the following: “Planning or execution of terrorist acts would bar a foreigner from obtaining a visa.” So far, so good… but get this “brilliance” — “Mere membership” in a recognized terrorist group would NOT automatically disqualify a person (read: terrorist) from entering the United States. Nor would “advocacy of terrorism.” In other words, known and avowed terrorists can be legally admitted. And they were. And the result is clear.

The manual (read: prescription for suicide) also says that the U.S. will exclude immigrants who incite or direct terrorist activity (again, so far, so good) BUT — it also says that, “statements of a general nature that do not directly advance specific acts of terrorism” are NOT automatically a basis for exclusion, “however offensive the statements might be.”

In truth, there is no way to know whether a person presenting a passport is “himself.” There is no check available to detect whether a foreign passport is bogus or stolen. But security be damned… let ‘em in. “Immigrant rights” and potential votes, you know. And that is how terrorists get into this country. They walk in. And it’s got to stop.

Immigrant background checks are virtually non-existent. The NY Times wrote (Sept. 27, 2001), that consular officers say that they do not “have much time” to investigate applicants. And, that once foreigners enter the country, there’s virtually no way to know whether they are complying with the terms of their visas. The terrorists overstayed and otherwise violated the terms of visas that should never have been issued. They also violated local laws, got into bar room brawls, used forged identification… And because no one had time to check, 3,000 died.

Only after the tragedy did we pathetically attempt to seal our porous borders. Only then did we begin to check and confirm identity. And that’s when it all became clear. We learned that several terrorists crossed into the U.S. from Canada — others from Mexico. How many “sleepers” remain undiscovered? On September 25, Mexican immigration officials stopped 13 Yemeni citizens sneaking across the border. “Just illegal aliens,” they said. “JUST” illegal aliens? How did 13 “indigents” afford to travel halfway across the world? On September 18, officials caught a Jordanian man born in Egypt, carrying a Brazilian passport and an expired Mexican tourist visa with “conflicting identities” and multiple names. He was also sneaking across the border — at Eagle Pass, Texas. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 100,000 unaccounted for, Middle Eastern male illegal aliens in this country! Most are from terrorist nations — 40,000 from Pakistan alone! Think a few are wannabe terrorists?

We must seal our borders. Intellectually challenged imbeciles like Arizona’s Gov. Hull, who even in the face of a Pearl Harbor style sneak attack upon the United States continue to encourage “open borders,” also encourage disaster. Former President Clinton, eager to import illegal foreign votes, allowed more than 61,000 immigrants into the U.S. who were granted citizenship without submitting fingerprints! Clinton also admitted another 115,000 whose fingerprints could not be classified. Who are they? Where are they? What are they? Clinton and his cronies didn’t care. In 1986, Congress approved a bill allowing foreigners from certain countries to come here without securing a visa! And last year, in spite of warnings by Justice Department officials that terrorists would make their way into the country using this bill, Congress approved making parts of the bill permanent. Obviously someone forgot to lock the door to the asylum. The inmates escaped from the cuckoo’s nest and flocked to Washington.

More than 1.3 million people, 340,000 vehicles and 58,000 shipments cross our borders every day! In 1999, the State Department issued (read: handed out) more than 50 million tourist and business visas and 567,000 student visas. To effectively check these, authorities would have had to conduct and complete 138,500 background and physical checks a day, every day of the year — more than one every second! Obviously, the “checks” are non-existent. And that’s how the terrorists got in. They walked in, laughing all the way. When Congress in 1996 tried to stop this insanity and passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act intended to track the movement of every foreign visitor, American business groups (the insatiably greedy American power boys) complained that “trade would be hurt.” Congress backed off, saying that the solution was “too controversial” (its political payoffs would have suffered). And last year Congress repealed the law — ensuring that the murderous terrorists couldn’t be tracked.

When the New York Fire Department hired me, and years later when the Scottsdale, Arizona police department did, and when my wife became a teacher, we were subjected to intensive, grueling background checks. Fingerprints. Photographs. Character references. Interviews. Lie-detector tests. We were required to complete page upon page of our life history. And after we passed they investigated our character references. It took me nearly a year to obtain a carry permit for a handgun in New York City but when foreigner-terrorists want to come here to mass murder Americans, the State Department, Congress, Arizona’s governor and American businesses say, “Forget fingerprints… forget background checks… c’mon down!” These politically correct loons investigate Americans while allowing Middle Eastern murderers and assassins to walk across the border.

If we had a reasonable immigration policy we would have admitted neither the criminal Arabs who attacked us nor those who aided them. But lawmakers and the immigration officials they appoint are stone, cold nuts. Read from the U.S. State Department web site (“Visa Ineligibility/Waiver”) — listing reasons for which visa applicants could be but are not routinely refused entry and why. Several are, “communicable disease, dangerous physical or mental disorder, drug addiction, being a terrorist or subversive…” It also reads, “If any of these restrictions apply, a statement regarding the facts should be submitted to the consular officer, who will advise the applicant if the law provides for some form of waiver.” Did Congress go crazy all at once, or just a bit at a time? Lawmakers wrote an alleged “protective law” and then created waivers for terrorists, subversives, the medically contagious and other social outcasts they “barred.” We already have to contend with our own misfits and infirm. Must we import and support the world’s? And who is designated to reveal that a “problem” exists? Terrorists. Immigrants with tuberculosis. Criminals. Thugs. Liars.

Now that we know how the Arab terrorists entered the country and under current law can do it again, will we alter immigration laws? We must cast aside the immigration lawyers, ACLU weirdos and political left who lament not the deaths of Americans but the potential loss of “immigrant rights.” This bunch falsely claims that immigrants have “rights.” Not until after they arrive on American soil! Only then, sadly, do some enjoy similar rights, protected by an American Constitution written by authors who more than 200 years ago could not have foreseen that a coven of Middle-Eastern Arab savages would, by Congressional invitation come here to slaughter Americans. The solution is simple: Throw the violators out and KEEP them out! Nothing in our Constitution protects visa applicants or foreigners on foreign soil. Our Constitution is not a suicide pact. Visitation by visa is like a drivers’ license. It’s a privilege. One, that when abused, can and should be forever revoked.

The Croatian assailant who slit the throat of a Greyhound bus driver late last year and caused multiple American deaths in the ensuing accident was here illegally, on an expired visa. The State Department estimates that millions of untracked foreigners similarly overstay their visas — as did some of the Arab terrorists. Immigration has become a cancer and the haphazard way we “manage” it, a plague upon America.

I cannot begin to fathom how or why government officials, while warning recently that there are still terrorists among us and we should expect other, more horrible events, allows government-accused mass murderers to roam free. Logic tells us that since Arabs committed these atrocities and many (identifiable) U.S. Arabs openly support them and their deeds and many (identifiable) Arabs vow that they will continue to do so, that a partial solution is to cancel Arab visas. And then we must conduct real investigations — not cursory “courtesy queries.” And instead of using politically-connected $25,000-a-plate, store-bought, appointed consular officers to wave murderers and their support cadre across the border, put U.S. federal agents in charge of visa approvals. The benign threats of a loss of civil rights shoved down our throats by leftist media actually applies not to Americans but immigrant foreigners — people who shouldn’t have civil rights in the first place.

If we did these things we’d have a better chance of staying alive. Only after we rid the country of terrorism can we properly process visas. And even after we’ve done that, we need a method to maintain a “lock” on and summarily expel immigrants who roam freely about the country, mocking America and Americans and violating the terms of their visas. We must at all times know the whereabouts of every visa applicant! And if they and their immigrant rights attorney friends don’t like the rules, they can quit playing the game and take their marbles home. Immigrants are guests in our country; they are not citizens.

On September 28 (2001), flight attendants confronted a cigarette-smoking, drunken Iranian passenger with a long history of trouble with the law, reportedly screaming that he wanted to “kill all Americans.” Two fighter jets escorted the plane back to Los Angeles where he was arrested and held without bail. This is the kind of trash that our ridiculously lax immigration laws allow into our country. It is also an example of what immigration lawyers and the ACLU defend.

The FBI recently warned of more terrorist attacks. The 18 suspects were all Middle Eastern, Arab males. Would the FBI still issue these warnings if we barred and expelled these people before they could blow us up? According to the State Department there were 423 terrorist attacks worldwide in 2000, up from 329 in 1999. We list numerous foreign states as “terrorist states” and 28 groups as “international terrorist organizations,” but still permit these infiltrators to enter the U.S.! Bin Laden trained and dispatched worldwide, more than 11,000 terrorists. How many are here, waiting to unleash their terror on a mission of Islamic Jihad? Bin Laden’s terrorists took flight training, obtained bogus Haz-Mat and drivers’ licenses, secured fake IDs, and who knows what else — aided by our stubborn, stupid refusal to profile and track Arab and other immigrants.

Some states (Arizona included, thanks to the mentally challenged Red Menace) [Gov. Hull] want to hand out driver licenses to illegal aliens. The terrorists used them to obtain credit cards, rent cars, learn how to fly jets and for identification when boarding the planes they commandeered and steered into buildings to incinerate people. One terrorist was ticketed for speeding in Maryland, two days before his mission of death. What would history have recorded if he had presented to the police officer instead of a Virginia driver’s license, an Arabic chauffeur’s permit issued in a terrorist nation? Foreign nationals visiting this country should be required to carry and use only foreign identification! U.S. identification should consist only of a visa.

Herbert Villalobos, operating out of the parking lot of a Virginia motor vehicle office was arrested for supplying fake IDs to several of the terrorists. A week later the FBI arrested Luis Martinez-Flores, a Salvadoran illegal immigrant (here since 1994) and Kenys Galicia — for helping numerous people including several hijackers to obtain false documents. The threat to America is coming from foreigners — from immigrants! The need to arrest and deport these parasites and prevent others from coming here is painfully obvious.

By law, foreigners can be deported or refused admittance if they become a “public charge.” But the law is a cruel joke on America and Americans. The State Department lists 18 “non-cash benefits” and “special purpose cash benefits” that are available to illegal aliens! Things like Medicaid, food stamps, immunizations, housing assistance and foster care and adoption assistance. The Washington liberals devised this scheme specifically to allow the world’s freeloaders to freeload. The complete list of benefits would make you sick.

The immigrant rights crowd wants to stop enforcement agents from expelling the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who arrive without any documents whatsoever! They want an immigration judge (another Washington liberal) to decide whether the unidentifiable lawbreakers can join the welfare rolls. The Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, opposed President Bush’s bid to broaden governmental powers to expel immigrants suspected of terrorism. Republican Senator Arlen Spector says he is “worried” about a proposal to detain immigrants who are deemed to be a threat to national security. That makes at least two senators who have gone Crackerjacks.

Terrorists freely move in and out of the country by lying, using false IDs, aliases, and no one questions them. The law, it seems, the law that the ACLU lawyers and pacifists and leftists and marching traitors so vigorously defend, defends only immigrants, foreigners and terrorists. We must stop treating immigrants and illegal aliens as citizens. They are not!

To the Congress, the ACLU and liberals everywhere: Americans are not the enemy. It’s the immigrants, stupid!

Ed. Note: Nearly 16 years have passed… and they have done NOTHING to stop any of this. NOTHING!


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