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IS BOOK BURNING NEXT?: Radical left wing anarchists will not stop until every monument to the Confederate States of America is torn down. The rabid Alt-Left are the modern Brown Shirts who were Hitler’s ‘goon squad’ of enforcers. The scene in Durham, North Carolina of hooded savages pulling down a Confederate statue was right out of communist Russia. Today’s leftists are like the torch-carrying villagers from Frankenstein, looking to destroy any vestige of American history.

Why don’t they go to West Virginia to protest the naming of dozens of bridges, highways, and statues for former Ku Klux Klan Exalted Cyclops, Democratic Senator Robert Byrd? In West Virginia you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting something named after Robert Byrd. Half of West Virginia is named after him!

WHERE WERE THE POLICE?: The recent clusterf… in Charlottesville, Virginia is looking stranger and stranger. This big question is finally being asked by the alternate media (internet news): “Where were the police?”

Both the Charlottesville, P.D. and the Virginia S.P. took a passive role in the demonstrations; even worse, they actively drove the two opposing forces into each other. The police are not cowards, so they must have been ordered not to intervene. It is looking more and more like Clinton compadre and ass-licker Gov. McAuliffe wanted these violent attacks to occur — so he and his party could bash Trump with it and falsely accuse the President of being a white supremacist or a Nazi.

Their plan worked well, aided by their shills in the willing and compliant fake news media.

But now it is slowly coming out that the police intentionally failed to get between the Unite The Right demonstrators and the radical AntiFa and BLM demonstrators. The police surrounded the Unite The Right group (the group with the permit) on three sides. As soon as scumbag McAuliffe declared a state of emergency, the police pushed the Unite The Right group in the one open direction, i.e. directly into the waiting left wing agitators, armed with sticks, bats, and homemade flamethrowers. Demonstrators on both sides said that the (liberal) police wanted the groups to clash. One Charlottesville Police Officer said the violence was intentionally caused by the police, on orders from their superiors. He further said that the plan was hatched in May.

I SMELL A RAT: So, just who is JASON KESSLER, the Unite The Right organizer? Until Donald Trump was elected, Kessler was a far left Obama supporter and Occupy Wall Street agitator. It was not until November, 2016 that Kessler became a ‘right wing’ protest organizer. Is he a plant, put in there by George $oros to incite a bunch of low I.Q. white lunatics like the Klan and Neo Nazis? It is beginning to look like it.

Nobody would hire this jerk, so where is he getting his money? I small a rat, and that rodent smells like George $OROS. The term “agent provocateur” comes to mind. That is a person who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act, or falsely implicating them in participating in an illegal act. A set-up was suspected from the beginning, with Clinton’s friend Gov. McAuliffe and Mayor Signer being the two major players. This whole thing is beginning to smell like a week old mackerel!

FOR THE RECORD: West Point graduates Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson came from abject poverty in Virginia. Their families did not own slaves. Lee’s father was even put in debtor’s prison. The ignorant statements of the Alt-Left that these men were fighting for slavery were made as the result of never having read a book on the subject.

As previously reported, at the beginning of the Civil War, the institution of slavery existed in four northern states: Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky and Missouri. Were these states also fighting to keep their slaves? It is painfully obvious that these idiots never read a book by James McPherson, or Kenneth Stampp, on the causes of the Civil War. If they did, they would learn that there were many other causes of that war that took the lives of 620,000 men, mainly economic.

AMERICANS ARE BEING PLAYED FOR FOOLS: The left in America is playing a very cunning and dishonest game in order to deceive the American public. They created this bogus term “Alt-Right”, which really has no meaning.. But liberals created it to put all Republicans, conservatives, libertarians and right wing fringe groups under the same umbrella. That way, when some knuckle-dragging moronic Neo-Nazi or mouth-breathing Klan member commits a racist act, the left can blame the entire Alt-Right. They turn used-to-be Republicans like Mitt Romney and Little Marco Rubio into weak-kneed RINO bashers of fellow Republicans.

Well, folks, let’s use the term “Alt-Left” against the other side, to include all Democrats, liberals, civil rights agitators, dishonest media, Soros funded lackeys, BLM racists, etc. When Black Lives (DON’T) Matter, AntiFa or another left wing group commits an act of violence, blame it on the entire Alt-Left.

THE GELLER REPORT: CNN put on its blinders and sees no connection with the vehicular attacks in Berlin, London, Jerusalem, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Ohio State U. BY MUSLIMS shouting ALLAHU AKBAR! to the recent vehicle homicide in Barcelona. Yet, these left wing fake news CNN ideologues masquerading as journalists have no problem connecting the recent well-planned vehicular homicide in Barcelona to some schizophrenic off-his-meds alt-left loser from Ohio driving his car into a crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And isn’t it strange that the Charlottesville police allowed a vehicle to be anywhere near the protestors?

STRIKE IT RICH: California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher recently went to London to interview Julian Assange. As you know, Mr. Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy for the past five years. I think that Assange has valuable information about the DNC hacking/leaks that he wants to trade off for a presidential pardon. Mr. A. says he never discloses his sources. That is admirable, but if the DNC’s Seth Rich was his source, Mr. Rich’s death abrogates any confidentiality agreement. If Assange reveals Seth Rich as his leaker, there will be panic in D.C. The dishonest Meuller will have to shut down his witch hunt. Some bosses in the Washington D.C. Metro Police will be in a panic, filing for retirement over their intentional blocking/botching of Rich’s murder investigation.

A pardon for Assange by President Trump would be a great payback to the Democrats who have smeared him for the past eight months with the phony Russia collusion fraud and the recent set-up in Charlottesville.

DEBBIE ROTTENMOUTH SCHULTZ: Schultz’ Pakistani IT technician was indicted for bank fraud. It’s a good start, but it’s like charging the murderer with jaywalking. I mean, there is possible spying for a foreign country, selling confidential information, stealing from the U.S. Treasury, blackmailing of elected officials, and more. Prosecute that purloining Packy and Schultzy pronto!!!

CRAZY CUOMO: New York’s Governor, Little King Cuomo, Jr., ranted and railed for removing Confederate names from the streets of Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. Although Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson served at the fort at various times in their U.S. Army careers, Little King Cuomo deemed them ‘non-persons’, just like they used to do in Communist Russia. Junior Cuomo will really get his pink panties twisted if he finds out that the banquet rooms at Ft. Hamilton’s Officers’ Club are named after Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and James Longstreet!

STEVE BANNON: Out as an adviser to the President. Welcome back to BREITBART, Steve! You can do a lot more good for America at your old company by keeping Mr. & Mrs. America informed.

BREITBART NEWS: For months, the septic rancid New York Times has unsuccessfully tried to smear BREITBART NEWS as an anti-Semitic organization, even though they knew many of Breitbart’s senior board members are Jewish. So now they are trying another smear tactic, writing that Breitbart has a “borderline fanatical advocacy for Israel.” The Times should do some self-inspection. Scratch any left wing extremist (and most ‘Jews’ working for that rancid rag) and under their skin you will find a raving anti-Semite!

WHERE WERE THEY FOR EIGHT YEARS?: For the eight years of Obama’s disastrous presidency, we never heard a peep from the loony left about slavery, the Civil War, or Confederate monuments. Where were these buffoons, Obama and Pelosi, when they were in charge? If Confederate monuments and statues are so deplorable, why didn’t they take them down? Now scumbag lowlife Al Sharpton wants to tear down the Jefferson Memorial. Luckily, these idiots don’t understand that they are creating more and more Trump supporters. The Trumpers may not be vocal, but they vote.

NANCY PIGLOSI: You’ll love this: Back in 1948, Nancy Pelosi’s father, Thomas D’Alesandro, was mayor of Baltimore. Mayor D’Alesandro dedicated statues of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. In his speech to the crowd, the Mayor heaped great praise on the two generals. Now daughter Nancy wants to remove all Confederate monuments from Congress. Why didn’t she do it when she was Speaker of the House?

AL SHARPTON: A great line in the Sunday Report this week: Al Sharpton complained that he doesn’t want any of his tax money being spent on Confederate monuments. But wait a minute… WHAT ‘tax money?’

Al the agitator doesn’t pay taxes. At one point he owed the IRS $4 million in unpaid taxes! Read More

MOTM (MORON OF THE MONTH): Western Journalism reported that Mika “The Homewrecker” Brzezinski is advocating for the removal of President Trump by impeachment. Her reason? “By Trump condemning both sides for the violence in Charlottesville, he created a permissive climate for violence.” To understand that requires that one possess the logic of an idiot, or a liberal.

ANTIFA: In Laguna Beach, California Trump supporter, R.C. Maxwell was sucker-punched by an AntiFa member. The attacker bragged on Twitter that he assaulted Mr. Maxwell and dared police to arrest him. Richard Losey got his wish and is being held on $500 bail.

ESPN: EPSN announcers are also collectively nominated for the Moron Of The Month award.

ESPN recently removed a football announcer from doing the play-by-play for a University of Virginia game because his name is Robert Lee. “Lee” was his surname. As in a Chinese guy. That’s right, they discriminated against an innocent Asian-American man just because of his name. That’s liberal logic at work! Liberalism is a mental disorder!

And if you watch or patronize ESPN or any shitty sports venue on it, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

ALABAMA JUBILEE: When Senator Jeff Sessions was appointed Attorney General the Governor of Alabama appointed Luther Strange as his replacement. Sen. Strange was lavishly endorsed by RINO bum Sen. Mitch McConnell, the back-stabbing Majority Leader, and leading roadblock to President Trump’s agenda.

Strange came in second in a primary to Judge Roy Moore in a field of nine candidates. Now Judge Moore is beating Strange by twenty points, even though McConnell is spending millions in support of Strange. The President should revoke his endorsement of Strange and go all out for Judge Moore to send a message to the traitor McConnell. Will he?

MORE FAKE NEWS: The media hysterically reported that the Secret Service was “running out of money” and won’t be able to protect President Trump and his family after September 30th. It was of course, fake news.

The federal fiscal year ends September 30th and funding after that date is covered by the new budget. One writer showed how phony the story was by this illustration: A man has $140 and spends $20 a day on food. His next payday is one week away. The dishonest media would say that at the end of the week “The man ran out of money and can no longer afford to eat.”

SUPREME CHUTZPAH: Hillary Clinton has a new book about her election loss. Apparently she’s the only person in America who doesn’t know why she lost the election. In her audio version of the book, the bitch says that during the debate Trump was standing behind her and it made her skin crawl. Also, she whined about Trump talking about “groping women.” This is coming from the wife of the all-time sexual predator and Groper-in Chief Bubba Clinton!

Do you remember Kathleen Willey, Bubba’s groping victim? The Hildebeest tried to destroy the woman. I am sure that story is not in her book. Read More

COMRADE DE BLASIO: New York City’s Communist Mayor, Comrade Bill de Blasio, is considering taking down certain monuments.

Joined at the hip with fellow left wing goon and loon Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, they were considering taking down the monument to Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle. While they’re at it, why not also tear down Grant’s Tomb? After all, Mrs. Julia Dent Grant came from a slave-holding family in Kentucky that owned 30 slaves!

These leftist clowns have gone from laughable to very dangerous.

Which side is left standing after the coming civil war will determine whether we still have a country.

Will you sit by or will you rise to defend your country against these Fascists, leftists, anarchists, Communists, socialists and just plain old scumbags?


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